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Clubhouse Heating and Cooling System

Steep Slope Modifications

Asphalt Repairs

Ready for Asphalt

Chris LeGassey got a new asphalt walkway!

Path curves modified at Clubhouse.

Uplifted asphalt was replaced at Clubhouse.

The drain line under the walkway was repaired.

Than Asphalted

Water Valve Replacements

Clubhouse Valve

Clubhouse Valve

Unit D-2

Unit D-2

Unit B-1

Unit B-1

B and C Garden

B and C Garden

SlabJack Sidewalk Repairs

Starting at N Bldg

Pool Filter Repair

K-Bldg Drain Project

K-Bldg Drain1

This is the SW corner of building K showing the downspout draining into the drain from the stairwell basin with clean outs

K-Bldg Drain2

The clean outs were installed backwards for some reason and the drain plugged this last winter between the two clean outs and it was difficult to clear. The soil had built up above the siding and was beginning to rot the building so I removed the whole plumbing mess

K-Bldg Drain3

And replaced it with new properly aligned clean outsDescribe your image.

K-Bldg Drain4

Filled and topped with drain rock

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